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ScanID is the total solution provider for all your facilities and challenges concerning person identification, encoding barcodes and 2D imaging systems.

Personal identification

ID & Documents

Since 2010 ScanID has focused on the development of hardware and software to verify, process and read documents of identification. ScanID is the supplier and consultant in several sectors, including: SME’s, Retail, hotel and catering industry, Events, security companies, tobacco shops, coffee shops et cetera.

industrial Identification

Encoding barcodes

ScanID is a creator and integrator of 1D and 2D barcoding solutions. In addition to our unique hardware and software, our portfolio includes the complete process of applying, verifying, reading out and processing barcodes. On top of that ScanID is your “source” to barcode and data structures according to international standards: the GS1 standard and UID standard.



ScanID is your reliable partner and consultant concerning identification. We are hired for our expertise by producers and manufacturers in sectors such as the automotive, aerospace and electronics industry, and also by retail companies and governments. ScanID is the best match for consultation concerning Track and Trace, verification of barcodes, verification of 2D codes and the processing of ID cards, passports and driving licences.


Age and access control

ScanID, in close cooperation with a worldwide network of leading suppliers, creates age and access control systems. They are the number one choice for supermarkets, tobacco shops, hotel and catering companies, events and gas stations.


Latest developments

Identiteity control and registration at a distance

With Check4ID Now, e-mailing a copy of the identity document is a thing of the past.

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Scan Corona Proof Identity documents

Your visitor or customer can scan his or her ID and you will quickly see the desired results.

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New Full-Page ID Reader systems

ScanID introduces a new product line with ultra-modern Full-Page ID Readers

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