Our customers

ScanID provides her products and services to big cooperation’s such as Hitachi, Panasonic, Fokker and Toyota, but ScanID also provides to smaller cooperation’s such as hotel and catering companies, terminals and SME companies.

Besides vending of 2D imaging systems, age checking systems and access control systems, ScanID focuses daily on the development of branch specific concepts. This is what makes us unique, as a “total solution provider”. Our quickly growing “installed base”- , but even more so by the positive reactions of our clients.



ScanID is the distributor of 2D imaging systems to multiple Hitachi Automotive locations in Europe. They use these systems to decode and process 2D Data Matrix codes, including the advanced 2D Direct Part Marking Scanners from Tohken.

Website: Hitachi Automotive



Through her subdivision IDReaders, ScanID has a close connection with the hotel and catering business concerning age and access control. ScanID delivers a large amount of age scanners and CHO systems to the businesses in this branch.

Website: www.khn.nl



ScanID has a range of products for the security sector. ScanID also has a range of solutions to adequately determine identities and the control of passports, ID cards and drivers licenses.

Website: www.vbe.biz



To provide the best 2D verification and controlled barcode generation, adhering to the international GS1 standard, ScanID works closely together with the GS1 organisation in the Netherlands. In addition, we support and train the associates of GS1 in installing, verifying, reading and processing of 2D Data Matrix codes.

Website: www.gs1.nl