Our partners

ScanID develops its own hardware and software for person identification, product identification and verification systems. In addition ScanID works closely with national and international progressive manufacturers of OCR-imaging engines and 2D imaging engines.

With the combination of this collaboration and our own R&B lab we develop, readymade identification solutions, in a market which continues to grow.

Some of our partners are:



The French manufacturer Elyctis is specialized in the development of hardware and software dedicated to documents of identification. Elyctis was founded in 2008 and has years of expertise in ID projects, as well as hardware and software development. ScanID works closely together with Elyctis on the Half Page technique. ScanID is Elyctis key distributor for The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Website: www.elyctis.fr



The American Code Corp is a leading manufacturer of 2D Handheld and fixed Barcode Scanners. Their 2D Barcode scanners are unique for the mobile employee due to the multi-resolution optic developed by Code used in combination with Bluetooth® communication systems. The product line is used by ScanID for critical business processes and is utilized in health care, public security, technological production, transport and other industries.

Website: www.codecorp.com



ScanID is the European distributor of the Tohken 2D imager systems of the Japanese manufacturer Mars Tohken Solutions. MTS produces high-quality hardware to read and process barcodes, 2D codes and RFID. MTS has a substantial market share in Japan. ScanID supplies Tohken systems to companies in different sectors, such as Hitachi, Panasonic, Nissan and Fokker. In addition ScanID supplies through MTS the by ScanID developed 2D Datamatrix verification software to companies in Japan and other Asian countries.

Website: www.mars-tohken.co.jp



3M (Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing) Company is an international technology company with more than 50,000 products. 3M has introduced new products and perfected them for over a 100 years, while also inventing and developing products for a wide range of sectors. 3M has always been leading in the development of hardware for security automation. ScanID, especially IDReaders, has successfully integrated ID-scanners in her solutions for 3M over the course of years and still continues to do so.

Website: 3M Nederland